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Streamlined solutions for safety checks and property services to save money and time.

Our safety & compliance services make properties safer, more affordable and less hassle for those who manage and own them.

Since 2014, Taskforce Australia has pioneered the development of a streamlined job management platform coordinating multiple trades for a single appointment at a time chosen by tenants.   


Our services are a win for all involved:


  • Renters and residents enjoy issues being addressed quickly and conveniently

  • Owners enjoy knowing their investments are compliant and being looked after

  • Property Managers enjoy clarity and a reduced workload across their property portfolios

  • Leading manufacturers enjoy quick and efficient warranty fulfilment and installation of their products

  • Our trades enjoy full-day bookings with less travel and fewer cancellations.


We deliver gas, electrical and smoke alarm safety checks, rental minimum standards and pool compliance inspections, comprehensive property maintenance solutions along with warranty and installation services.




Jobs Completed



Property Solutions for Peace of Mind

Streamlined solutions for safety checks, and rental compliance services to save money and time.

Compliance Checks for Community Housing

A suite of safety, compliance and maintenance services designed to address the needs of the community housing sector - tailored to your organisation’s requirements. 

Rental Minimum Standards

Everything you need to know in light of the Victorian Government's recent announcement regarding implementing penalties for properties not meeting standards.

API Access Charges - Our Response

Taskforce Australia will not be on-charging these costs to agencies or owners.


We believe every client is a valuable long-term partner.

Rental compliance made easy

Taskforce is the rental compliance partner that ensures your property meets government standards and looks after the health and safety of your tenant. With innovative technology and streamlined processes, we take the headaches of managing your property’s compliance away. 

Multiple services in one visit

Every rental compliance check - from electrical to gas and smoke - is taken care of in one visit.

Annual reminders

Property managers can relax, knowing they’ll never miss a check.

Clear reports in plain English

We’ll never overload you with jargon. We value honesty and clarity, always.

Services you can count on

We show up on time and get the job done quickly and to the highest standards.

What our agents say

"Taskforce have been great to work with... Their competitive pricing, detailed yet simple reports and competitive quotes make them a favourite among our clients. We wouldn't look anywhere else for our Safety Compliance Check Services."

Victoria Cox, Ash Marton Realty

"After using other services in the past with bad experiences, we finally made the move to Taskforce in 2022. Taskforce has been nothing other than brilliant. I highly recommend them - not only are our owners and renters happy, they also provide ongoing training and support for my PM team with ongoing changes."

Sam La Spina, Barry Plant

"Partnering with RentSafe has revolutionised our approach to property management, offering invaluable expertise that has seamlessly optimised our property management portfolio. What truly sets RentSafe apart is their holistic approach, offering innovative solutions that maximise the value and longevity of our clients' investments."

Chris Baczyk, HarrisLeech

Efficient & effective solutions

Our suite of products is designed to deliver quality services to our clients whilst saving them time and money. We’ve streamlined our rental compliance services to address all issues quickly and conveniently, so property managers and tradespeople can finally get more time on their hands.

Rental property compliance services

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your rental properties are safe and compliant with our affordable safety check services, pool compliance inspections and rental minimum standards checks.

Your full coverage property maintenance solution

Rental property maintenance issues resolved quickly and easily without the inconvenience of multiple quoting or call-out fees.

Designed to address the needs of community housing

Streamlined maintenance, compliance and safety checks. Our services are custom fit to the level that suits your organisation.

Providing quick and efficient warranty fulfilment services 

Our streamlined scheduling system allows us to provide warranty and installation services to leading manufacturers across Australia.

Brilliant Lighting warranty fulfilment by Taskforce Australia

Brilliant Lighting warranty fulfilment by Taskforce Australia

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