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Our streamlined process coordinates electrical, smoke and gas safety checks into one visit to reduce renter disruption. The result is 99% completion rates, less rebooking and the happiest customers with 4.8/5 Google rating from 2,000 reviews along with closer, more profitable and efficient scheduling.

A holistic approach

In 2014, Jason Bright founded Taskforce Australia in response to the growing need for routine safety checks in rental properties fuelled by new Victorian Government regulations.  Jason created a job management platform to streamline services and safety checks, enabling Taskforce to provide a cheaper and more efficient service then the competition.

A response to a growing need

About Us

Our mission at Taskforce Australia is to make owning and renting property safer, more affordable and less hassle. Our RentSafe, RentRepair, Housing Solutions and Warranty Services are all designed with this aim in mind.

Everything we do is underpinned by a clear mission - elevate every customer experience - this means everything starts with the customer.

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What renters say

"Friendly, courteous and spot on with the task at hand… both men were very professional and showed up right on time I booked them in for…. Will definitely recommend using again.

Thank you rent -safe Electrician gas and smoke."

Kaila Cochrane, Renter

"Prompt, courteous and efficient. Event phoned 20 minutes before arriving to introduce himself and confirm arrival time. Speedy inspection and battery changes. James was how one would hope all service people would be."

G. Deborah Duper, Renter

"Pleasant trades didn't just turn up on time they came early. Good service, very delighted. Job completed in a very timely manner too. Thanks for making sure things are safe here much appreciated."

Emily Muir, Renter

At the core of doing things better and building a sustainable position of long-term leadership.


We care about the wellbeing, safety and happiness of the people and communities around us.


We are honest, can be trusted and do what we commit to do.


We hold ourselves to the highest quality standards both internally and with what we do for our customers and partners.


Safety is at the core of everything we do for our customers, staff and those who rely on what we do.


We strive for excellence and professionalism across all aspects of our business.


Enabling faster, better and better value for our customers.


We strive for leadership across all elements of what we do.


Our Values

Our services are a win for all involved:

Renters and residents enjoy issues being addressed quickly and conveniently; Owners enjoy knowing their investments are being looked after; Property Managers and Officers enjoy a reduced workload across their property portfolios; and our Trades enjoy full day booking with less travel and fewer cancellations.

It's a win, win, win, win...

We care about the wellbeing, safety and happiness of the people and communities around us.  We support a range of causes throughout each year which are close to our team's hearts and our company's values.  


Most recently we are proud to announce that Taskforce Australia is a principle sponsor of the 2025 Hands Across the Water rides, with our very own Damon Hill participating as a rider in the 700km ride.

>> You can donate here.

In the community

We put ourselves in our customers' shoes to identify potential needs and pain points, developing innovative solutions to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Anticipate needs

Our processes are streamlined from start to finish, ensuring quick and efficient solutions and avoiding complications for our customers.

Seamless solutions

Listening to our customers and processing the feedback we receive enables a better understanding of their perspective and therefore of the solutions required.

Empathy drives action

Clear channels for customer communication and feedback along with prompt responses to all enquiries ensure the quick resolution of issues.

Every query matters

Our team blends empathy with technical proficiency in all customer interactions, always searching for opportunities to improve customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction

How we deliver for customers

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