Electrical, Gas and Smoke Alarm Compliance

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Taskforce RentSafe provides landlords and property managers a solution to complete their new obligation with the legislation changes that came into effect March 29 2021.

With recent changes to the Residential Tenancies Act the changes that came into effect on March 29th of 2021. Mandatory electrical and gas safety checks will be required every two years with a report being produced containing the gas plumber and electricians licence details who conducted the tests

All electrical and gas appliance supplied by landlord must be tested bi-annually

When complete both property manager and landlord are supplied with a PDF document with all details, readings and observations of the property to ensure you are aware of any potential compliance issues.

The new regulation requires any smoke alarm batteries to be changed every 12 months. Our system will notify both the property manager and landlord at the time this is required. Once again to save time and this would be handled for $85 on years where the electrical and plumbing compliance isn't required.