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Taskforce Team Profile - Jason Sierra

Meet Jason Sierra, a seasoned professional in his trade with an impressive 17 years of experience under his belt. Two years ago, he joined Taskforce and has had the opportunity to make a significant impact and work with experts. Jason shares his advice, his memorable callouts and his favourite thing about working for Taskforce.

How long have you been in your trade for?  

I have been in the trade for around 17 years now. 

When did you join Taskforce? 

I joined Taskforce 2 years ago. 

What do you like best about being part of Taskforce? 

Being part of  Taskforce is rewarding because it allows me to make a significant impact, collaborate with experts, tackle complex problems, expand my professional network, and achieve a strong sense of accomplishment.

Tell us about your most memorable / funniest call out?

I always love a call out that involves a dog chewing something. I've been to countless call outs for dogs having chewed the hot water service cords. I myself have a great dane puppy who chews everything in sight so I understand how easily this can be done.  

What is your top tip for someone just starting out in a trade? 

When starting in the electrical trade, safety should be your top priority alongside a commitment to ongoing learning. By prioritising safety measures and staying up to date with industry advancements, you'll lay a strong foundation for your career.

What’s your favourite coffee spot in your hood?

Baby Black, in Bacchus Marsh

What’s your current favourite tune on your playlist?

I love listening to mindfulness playlists but I also love to rock out to some Acacia Strain.

If you were to hold a Bunnings sausage sizzle what cause would you be raising money for?

I would be raising money for the Bali street dogs. I have been over to Indonesia and seen first hand how harsh some of these dogs have it. These dogs have no home and live on the streets in harsh living conditions with lack of healthcare for them. By fund-raising it would be able to support the initiative to desex these dogs and give them access to the proper health care they deserve. 

Feeling inspired by Jason’s story? If you're eager to increase your jobs with the Taskforce team or your circumstances have changed to allow you to take on different jobs, get in touch!

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