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Taskforce Australia and Hands Across the Water

Updated: Apr 22

Taskforce is proud to announce their sponsorship of the 2025 Digital Live Bike Ride raising money for the charity Hands Across the Water.  

In addition to Taskforce being a principle sponsor of the 2025 rides, our very own National Sales Manager Damon Hill will be participating as a rider. He is already hard at work training for the 700km ride and the team at Taskforce will be supporting him all the way!

Hands Across the Water was set up in 2005 following the Boxing Day Tsunami which devastated parts of Thailand, claimed thousands of lives and forever changed the fate of so many families and children.  The charity was established to provide support, shelter and a brighter future for children through their homes and outreach programs and has continued this invaluable work from that time to the present.

Hands Across the Water build brighter futures and a life of choice for children in Thailand

Since 2018, Steve Carroll has led over 100 riders from across the real estate industry in a range of Digital Live Charity Rides raising valuable support, publicity and donations for Hands Across the Water.

One of Taskforce’s key business values is Care. We care about the wellbeing, safety and happiness of the people and communities around us.  And when we read more into the story of Hands Across the Water and the way in which the charity rides have mobilised an industry to garner support for the work they do, we decided we had to get involved. 

The Digital Live Bike Ride will be promoted at this year’s Elite Retreat on Hayman Island and we’ll bring you further updates on the fundraising activities surrounding this leadership conference a bit closer to the time.


If you would like to donate to the cause you can visit Damon's fundraising page

You can read more about Hands Across the Water and the Digital Live Bike Rides here.


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