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Property Management insights - Hayley Mitchell from Mitchell PT

Our National Sales Manager Damon Hill sat down with Hayley Mitchell from Mitchell PT at the recent PM Reach event on the Gold Coast to talk all things Property Management.

How long have you been in the Real Estate Industry and what pathway did you take to get to your current role?

I joined the industry in 1999 and have worked in every aspect of PM including owning my own agencies. I now have MitchellPT which is my training & events business plus BNB Property Managers which manages short term rentals.

What do you think is the most pressing issue that Property Managers face in their day to day role?

PM can be a tough gig and at the moment there are a lot of financial pressures on everyone. This has caused many owners to sell or increase the rent and has created a shortage of supply for renters. Often these pressures get put onto the Property Manager and this can make it very stressful for all involved.


What do you see as the biggest challenge for Property Managers in the next 5 years?

Keeping up with clients' demands is the most challenging aspect of the role. Technology can play a huge part in assisting PMs with their portfolios but often it is hard to know what tech is the right tech for their office and clients. There is so much new tech coming and I do think we will see aspects of the PMs' roles changing due to this over the next 5 years. I think it is exciting but some PMs do get stuck in the old way of doing things and change can be hard.


What are the biggest changes you’ve noticed in the rental property industry since COVID?

People have changed significantly after COVID. There is a rushed mentality and everyone wants everything now. It still amazes me that we need signs in shops and restaurants saying please don’t be rude to our staff - since when do we have to have signs up to remind people to be good humans? I think it is sad and I hope one day people just start being nice to each other again.


What do you think the biggest change will be in Property Management in the next 5 years?

Technology changes are the biggest change. I think trustless systems will be the norm and there will be a lot more automation in the systems which will allow PM’s to deliver a higher more consistent level of service for their clients.

Is there something that sets Taskforce apart compared to your previous experience of other safety check and compliance services providers?

The communication with the team is fantastic. They are always there to provide assistance and support and the reporting aspect is very detailed as well.


Tell us about something outside of work that is close to your heart? Maybe a charity or cause you support, a sport or hobby you love?

In 2023 I completed a 500km bike ride in 5 days in Thailand for Hands Across the Water. In February 2025 I am doing it again but this time it is 700kms in 7 days and I am taking a posse of people with me including Damon from Taskforce. It is an incredible adventure and I can’t wait to be there again and see all the kids that these charity rides help to support.


If you could give property managers a single piece of advice what would it be?

I love Property Management and I have had the most amazing career. My advice would be if you love PM you can do anything in this industry. I have met incredible people and had the most rewarding career. I can’t imagine doing anything else!

Hayley and her team run a series of training session and events throughout the year in addition to consulting services. Find out more at


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