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Your new and improved Agent Portal - Key Features

Updated: Apr 11

We've been working hard to improve and streamline your experience with Taskforce, and one of our latest developments is the upgraded Agent Portal.

Have a look below to see the key updates we’ve implemented, and how these changes are designed to make your life easier! 

Our new and improved agent portal

Your entire portfolio at a glance

With the new interface, you now have the convenience of checking the status of your uploaded properties at a single glance. You'll see all your booked and completed jobs, as well as importantly, any properties with overdue checks with a colourful visual display.

The best way to maximise your use of the Agent Portal is to book in for a Portfolio Health Check - this brings your entire portfolio into the Portal and enables further streamlining with a holistic approach to your properties and their safety check requirements. A Portfolio Health Check is the ultimate peace of mind, providing you with the assurance that all your properties remain compliant.

Time Saving Features

You can now create a job or find your service report for a job at the click of a button. Plus, everything now fits on one screen - you don't have time to scroll! 

Quick Tips

Last but not least, keep an eye out for our quick tips on how to make your life easier - these will appear from time to time at the top of the interface…

Interested in booking a Portfolio Health Check or getting access to your own personalised Agent Portal? Call 1300 818 138 today, or email


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