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Professional Services

Professional Services

Accountant and Book Keeping

If I hire a bookkeeper, will I need an accountant?

Many Taskforce bookkeepers also offer taxation services. However, hiring somebody for their bookkeeping services is not enough to take care of all of your financial record needs. You will also need to hire an accountant as well or engage a Taskforce bookkeeper’s accounting services.

Will I be working with the same person each time?

Yes. We ensure that you get a bookkeeper with whom you can develop a long term, reliable relationship.

Will I be able to afford a bookkeeper?

Paying for proper bookkeeping results in a very definite return on investment. It will save you time that can be put to better use for your business, and will prevent amendment costs later in the year by ensuring that all records are correct.

What kind of accounting work do you offer?

We offer preparation of financial statements on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis. Our bookkeeping services are offered onsite or offsite.

What type of taxation work do you offer?

We do tax return preparation for individual, companies, trusts, partnerships, individuals and superannuation funds.

Computer Repair and Servicing

How can I protect my computer from viruses and hackers?

This is one of the most important reasons to hire a professional when setting up a computer network. A professional IT technician can install networks so that the safety of all computers within the network is certain.

Why has my Internet slowed down?

Slow Internet can be caused by a number of things. It might be a temporary problem with your Internet service provider. However, it might also be a problem with your computer network. Installing Wi-Fi routers can improve the speed of your Internet.

Can I set up a printer through my Wi-Fi network?

Most modern printers are Wi-Fi enabled and allow any computer connected to the network to send printing requests.

We have an old network that needs improvement. Do we need to replace everything?

You don’t always need to replace everything. Components that are functioning properly can be kept as long as they are compatible with the rest of the network. Adapting an existing network does make the process more complex and difficult, however, and it is best to hire a professional.  

How hard is it to set up a computer network?

Computer networks can be fairly difficult to install, particularly for beginners. You require a working knowledge of each of the individual hardware components and the software for activation, installation and integration. It’s much easier and more effective to pay for a professional to install the network correctly.

Pest Control

Are the pests killed ethically?

Pest controllers do as much as they can to ensure exterminations are conducted as efficiently and effective as possible.  They do as much as they can to minimise the suffering of any insects or rodents.

Is it safe for my pet to go outside after a pesticide has been sprayed?

If the pesticide has had time to dry, it is completely safe for you and your animals to go about your regular business.

Do I need to vacate the premises during extermination?

This depends on the kind of extermination being performed. You will need to talk to a pest controller to find out what plan of action is recommended.

Is it possible to remove pests using environmentally friendly substances rather than toxins and poisons?

Absolutely. There are a variety of options for environmentally friendly substances. All products used by pet controllers are also completely safe for use around people when used correctly.

My pest problem keeps returning after multiple DIY pesticide sprays. Why?

Using pesticides or pest bombs will only kill off the pests currently in the house or room at the time of treatment. Proper pest control involves much more; locating pest harbours and nests, and closing off points of entry into the building.

Can I hire a domestic pest controller to solve an office pest problem?

Yes. Pest controllers do both domestic and commercial jobs.