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Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning

Do construction sites need to maintain a certain level of cleanliness?

Construction sites are held to certain health and safety standards, which require that a work place be free of obstruction and hazards. Workers often spend most of their time focusing on the construction job, so it’s useful to hire a commercial cleaner to ensure that the area remains clear and safe.

How do you clean stubborn outdoor stains like paint or moss?

Paint is designed to last a long time, so you’ll need to use special paint stripping solutions and equipment to remove it properly. Moss can also be difficult to move, and the most effective way is to hire a pressure washer to blast the moss off the surface it has grown onto.

Is it worth hiring somebody for scheduled cleaning?

This depends on the amount of cleaning work you require. For large offices, it’s certainly worth finding somebody to come by and clean your offices regularly. This reduces the amount of time that your office workers need to spend cleaning and also improves your working space and lifts productivity.

Do commercial cleaners clean public spaces?

Most commercial cleaners are happy to clean public spaces. The equipment required for commercial cleaning is generally well suited to outdoor environments and heavy-duty cleaning requirements.  

What is the best method for cleaning windows?

Most professionals use a scrubber dipped into a detergent solution and a squeegee. This is much more effective that rubbing the window with a sponge or cloth and is worth the low cost investment of the equipment.

House Cleaning

Will DIY cleaning damage my property?

Although most of us have some kind of regular cleaning habits, cleaning your home or office yourself can sometimes cause damage. Mishaps occur all the time, and a simple mistake like using the wrong solution can cause irreversible damage. If the task is a simple cleaning task, give it a go yourself. But don’t be afraid to call in a professional if the task is too hard.

Can I hire a cleaner for outdoor furniture and tiling?

Yes, you can. In fact, outdoor spaces are some of the most difficult to clean and it’s a great idea to hire a professional to keep things neat, tidy and clean.

Do food preparation areas need special cleaning?

Yes, kitchens and food preparation areas need to be kept to a high level of cleanliness. Hospitality workers are trained to know how to properly clean an area where food is made. Professional cleaners are also trained and can clean food areas of any size.  

How do you remove adhesive stickers from glass?

Removing stickers from glass can be difficult and often results in glass scratches if done incorrectly. The most effective method is to apply a solvent like rubbing alcohol and remove the sticker with a razor blade. This is a specialist technique that can still result in damage if not performed by a professional.

Are professional cleaning services environmentally conscientious?

Recent developments in materials and equipment used have made the cleaning industry much more environmentally friendly. Biodegradable garbage bags, non-toxic chemicals, and recycled paper consumables are used to ensure minimal environmental impact.

Pool Cleaning

Will an automatic cleaner take care of everything?

Not quite. You will still need to occasionally vacuum your swimming pool to pick up things that your automated cleaner has missed. You will also need to brush down the walls of your pool.

Can I find the right balance of chemicals through trial and error?

This is a bad idea. The chemicals required to keep your pool safe and clean need to be measured carefully. If the instructions are not followed carefully, you may end up damaging your pool or compromising the health of swimmers.

Is algae build up really a problem?

Algae is not only unpleasant, but is also bad for the health of swimmers. If algae builds up too much, it’s also possible that it will clog your filters and cause damage to your pool.

Why is my pool water cloudy?

Cloudy pool water can be caused by a number of things. A chemical imbalance, poor filtration or lack of oxidation are some of the factors that could result in cloudy water. Because of the number of different potential causes, it can be quite difficult to diagnose this problem yourself.

I think something in my pool is broken. Can it be repaired?

Pool systems can sometimes be complex and difficulty to access. If something is broken and the repair is not easy, it’s best to call in a professional.

My pool is too cold to swim in. Can I install a heater?

Yes, you can. A professional can adapt unheated pools so that you can swim in your pool and time of the year.

Why is the electricity bill for my pool so high?

Old pool motors and pool pumps are extremely energy inefficient. Then can often be the biggest energy consumer in your entire household.