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Telephones & Systems - Installation & Maintenance

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Telephones & Systems - Installation & Maintenance

Taskforce is a leading provider of Telephones & Systems Installation & Maintenance Services. By using one of our Telephones & Systems professionals, you know you are being serviced by a reputable provider under a national brand name.

Taskforce combines technical precision, superior work ethic, and passion for customer satisfaction. Our team of Telephones & Systems specialists can deal with any project, we cater specifically to your needs to ensure your full satisfaction. We have extensive knowledge of, and experience within the industry; let our friendly experts assist, they are ready & happy to help.


We are a National Brand:

Taskforce Telephones & Systems Installation & Maintenance Services are part of Taskforce Australia, meaning you are being serviced by a nationally recognised brand. We have one goal – to deliver the best quality service in a quick and efficient time frame. We are passionate about helping our clients and the community.

Our Expertise

Our national network of Telephones & Systems professionals mean we have an extensive bank of knowledge at our disposal, making no job beyond our remit. Our range of services include:

-        Installation and maintenance

-        Data cabling services

-        Networking solutions

-        Wireless conference phones and headsets

-        Business telephone systems

-        Tailored voice and data communications solutions for businesses

-        IP telephony

Quality of Service

Taskforce Telephones & Systems professionals have undergone the proper training to complete your work safely and correctly. All of our professionals have access to our extensive network of Telephones & Systems expertise with quality of service and customer satisfaction our top priority.

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