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Taskforce is a leading provider of Electrician Services. With a national footprint of Electricians, you know you are being serviced by a reputable provider under a national brand name.

Taskforce combines technical precision, superior work ethic, and passion for customer satisfaction. We cover the repair and maintenance of existing systems as well as oversee new builds. We can perform safety checks, source the most up-to-date lighting solutions for your home or office, install smoke alarms, kitchens, switchboards and everything in between.


We are a National Brand:

Taskforce Electrician Services are part of Taskforce Australia, meaning you are being serviced by a nationally recognised brand. We have one goal – to deliver the best quality service in a quick and efficient time frame. We are passionate about helping our clients and the community.

Our Expertise

Our network of electricians means we have an extensive bank of knowledge at our disposal, making no job beyond our remit. Our range of services include:

-       After-hours emergency call outs

-       Switchboard installation, testing and alterations

-       Working with mains fuse boxes and cables

-       New build wiring installations

-       Rewiring during renovations

-       Risk assessment

-       Security systems

-       Data solutions

-       Cabling solutions

-       Extensive knowledge of the most up-to-date lighting solutions including sensor lighting and LEDs

-       Plus More

Quality of Service

Taskforce Electricians have undergone the proper training to complete your work professionally and accurately. All our Electricians place quality of service and customer satisfaction as their top priority.

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