ABN: 71 268 954 326
Years operating: 20 Our Business: Painter Brands: Dulux, hames, solver, etc.

About Us

We are a professional, friendly painting firm that does domestic and commercial work. We also do linemarking, carpark painting, factor painting and work safe lines.

We have over 20 years and experience and love our work.

Our Services

Commercial, domestic, we do all kinds of paint jobs – small and large.

Enviromental Initiatives

Where possible, we use the most environmentally friendly products and methods available.

Common Questions

Can you help us choose colours?
We’d love to have a conversation with you and help you decide which colours to go with.

Is it possible to paint the face of my fireplace?

How can I calculate how much paint I will need for a certain surface?

How can I paint ceramic tiles?

In which order should I paint my house?

Should I paint my garage floor?

What's the best temperature to paint in?