Leamans Auto Electrics Pty Ltd

ABN: 161452615
Years operating: 13 Our Business: Auto Electrician; Mechanic Brands: Hitachi Lucas Nikko Nippondenso Valeo Delco Remy Bosch Iskra Denso Leeve Neville OEX Cobra Battery Philips Sound

About Us

Leamans Auto Electrics has been around for many years.
Allan Skilling completed his Apprenticship at Leamans with the previous owners. When the business came up for sale, Allan put forward his name to purchase... and he did. Allan has owned Leamans for approx 13 years and is growing it every year. With our Mobile Field Service Technicians and workshop Technicians, we can cover almost anything.

Our Services

Auto Electrical Alarms & Immobilisers
Mechanical Servicing
Automotive Air-conditioning
Accessory Lighting

Enviromental Initiatives

We use the most modern and energy efficient equipment that is available to avoid unnecessary wastage of electricity.

Common Questions

Do you do Air-Conditioning?
Yes, we do Automotive Air-Conditioning.

Do you only do Auto Electrics on cars? No, we also do Mechanical and Marine.

What is one thing people try to do themselves that causes problems?
Wiring! Consumers tend to try and attack wiring themselves, without knowing how in-depth wiring is. They remove panels and are faced with a bunch of different coloured wires. Some consumers continue to play around with the wiring before they bring it to the professional, which most of the time puts them in a worse situation, and sometimes is very costly, depending on what has been done.


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How can I update my car's sound system?

Can you install reversing cameras into an old car?