Taskforce Property Maintenance Solution


Taskforce has developed a system for property managers to manage maintenance requests, receive and approve quotes easier that ever before.

Complete the following questions to see how much time you can save having tenant maintenance requests.

Benefits include;

  • Upload your own tradies
  • Receive quotes back via email, sms and into property managment software automatically
  • Obtain multiple quote easily
  • Approve quotes easily
  • Request landlord approval easily
  • Receive tenant requests for approval
  • No need to learn new software

Taskforce has been supplying software and trades and services for the past 6 years to consumers, businesses, insurance groups and manufactuers of hardware and appliances as well as helping a group of real estate agents to simplify their property maintenance needs.

In order to realise the true benefit of what Taskforce can offer property manager can have their workflow customised to suit their own preferences which benefiting from the workflows created by Taskforce to streamline the submitting, quoting and payment processes.

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