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28 June 2015

Why commercial cleaning is worth it for your business

Immaculate floors and walls, gleaming windows, floral-scented hallways - these can give businesses some extra points from their clients. Cleanliness and orderliness do not only improve your image but also ensure the health and safety of your employees. And although some people can still work properly despite the dust and clutter, a clean environment definitely enhances productivity.

Many business owners and managers delegate the task of cleaning their work areas, warehouses, retail stores and offices to professional commercial cleaners. You might think that this is an expensive thing to do, but paying professionals to clean your workplace has a wide-ranging array of benefits. Commercial cleaning is a worthwhile investment that will take your business to the next level.

Improved Employee Productivity

Cleanliness plays a huge role in boosting the productivity and the morale of employees but is usually at the bottom of the priority list. Hiring commercial cleaners can ensure a clean and sanitized workplace. You can always expect exceptional results from a professional commercial cleaner because they take pride and care in the work they do. They are focused on providing top-notch cleaning services and nothing else. Furthermore, they make sure that they are updated with the technological advancements of cleaning industry. They know what to clean with and which equipment to use on certain surfaces.

Even though your employees can perform occasional clean-up, it won’t be as good or as fast as commercial cleaners. Why? It is simply because they aren’t experienced on this field.


Instead of dusting off the filing cabinets, your employees should be working on a financial report. Let them pour all of their concentration and strength on income-generating activities by outsourcing the duty of maintaining cleanliness and tidiness. By hiring commercial cleaners you can save a lot of time, money and energy. Finding a commercial cleaner and establishing a lasting, professional relationship with them saves your human resources department from searching through available cleaners. The most hassle-free way to organise a cleaner is to call a single number: 13TASK. Taskforce will send commercial cleaners to any workplace in Australia. You won’t have worry that the janitors won’t be able to clean the workplace thoroughly or might even damage some things. You won’t have to pay for their training and orientation. You won’t have to purchase and maintain cleaning instruments. You won’t have to convert rooms into storage areas for cleaning agents and equipment. Plus, you won’t have to take care of their salary, taxes, health insurance and benefits.


Outsourcing your cleaning needs to a reliable service provider will allow you to easily conduct changes within your workplace. You will have more control over operation costs because the cleaning services can be called as needed.

Numerous businesses have already seen the convenience and cost-effectiveness of delegating cleaning tasks to specialized service providers, and it can be seen in the growing number of commercial cleaning companies. But always remember that not all teams are created equally. If you want to receive exceptional results, make sure that the commercial cleaners have extensive experience and that they completely understand the needs of your facility. Taskforce ensures that only the best commercial cleaners join their team, guaranteeing quality for you. They study cleaners’ background for you and ensure that the service is reasonably priced.