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28 July 2015

What you need to know about hiring a miniskip

Cleaning your home or office regularly will keep your space tidy, but occasionally you will need to completely clear things out. That means going anti-materialistic and getting rid of all of the clutter. How many objects in your office or home have you not used in four years? Do you really need to hold onto a second blender that your dad gave you in the late eighties? It can be hard to clear things out from your home and it can be hard to know what your office does and does not need. But these are decisions that need to be made.

Getting Rid Of Old Things

A good method of ruthless clutter-reduction is the ‘disaster method.’ Ask yourself the question ‘if the place burnt down and everything was lost, would I remember that I ever owned this?’ If the answer is no, then you’re safe to throw it away. But you’ll need to be more ruthless than that. Hiring a mini skip for your home or office is a good way of getting rid of clutter and simplifying your space. A clear space is a clear mind. Call Taskforce on 13TASK. They have hundreds of franchisees across all trades and services Australia-wide, including mini skip hire.

Skips can be hired in all different sizes. For households, it’s most appropriate to hire a 2.5 to 4 metre squared skip. The 2.5 is the smallest available skip. It’s important to remember that you need to keep your disposables below the top of the skip. If the skip is overfilled you will be required to take out the objects that go above the edge of the skip.

If you’re hiring a skip for an office, industrial space or construction site skips are available up to 23 metres squared. That’s a huge amount of space to get rid of a large amount of waste. All your needs are covered.

The Environment

Mini skips are a responsible way of disposing of waste. Places that hire out mini skips dispose of your materials in the most professional and environmentally responsible ways available for large quantity disposal. Your waste will be taken to processing plants where the objects are sorted and disposed of correctly.

What else do you need to know?

If you are disposing of regular household or office clutter, a regular skip will be fine. However, if you need to dispose of large amounts of industrial or hazardous material, you may need to hire a specialist skip. Call 13TASK to speak to somebody for information and a quote for miniskip hiring.

If your home of business has a driveway or spacious yard, the skip can be placed onto your private property without any concern. However, if that kind of space isn’t available to you, it may be necessary for the skip to be left in the street.  This requires permission from the relevant bodies. You can usually get a permit from your local council, however you should first speak to the company that hires out miniskips and go over the issue of permits.

Taskforce has franchisees in all trades and services, including miniskips. If you want to reduce the clutter in your home or office, call 13TASK to arrange the hire of a miniskip.