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13 August 2015

Tree Care: The Hidden Difficulties

Whether it’s for safety or aesthetic concerns, or you simply want a beautiful tree within your premises, it’s never advisable to drag the ladder and do the cutting or trimming on your own. Sure, you want to get it done fast and cheap. However, that route is often dangerous—and may be illegal. The single safest thing to do is to call a certified arborist to handle your tree affairs.

Trees do more than just adorn your yard and increase your property’s market value. They also absorb carbon dioxide which is a harmful gaseous compound exhausted by vehicles and factories and give off oxygen. Plus, they provide shelter to various animal species. Due to their immense importance to our survival, the government regulates the cutting and trimming of trees. A number of dynamics involved in these processes may be unfamiliar to you so it’s best to approach a professional in the practice of arboriculture.

Advantages of Hiring an Arborist

They Know More about Trees Than You Do

In order to earn a certification, arborists must study everything about trees: from the growth and development of trees to their reproduction and survival mechanisms. With their far-reaching knowledge, they can recognize the root of the problem and give workable solutions. What you think is a small change might drastically affect your tree’s health and chance of survival.

They Can Save a Tree

Trees add beauty and value to your property, which is why it’s always disheartening to cut one down. A certified arborist can conduct a thorough assessment of the tree and help you decide if it really has to be removed or not.  A frail or diseased tree can still be revived by the removal of affected areas and application of certain treatments.

They Prune Stylishly and Smartly

Incorrect pruning can result in the deterioration of a tree’s health. Some people remove more branches than they should leading to a huge loss in photosynthetic potential. Others cut off much less than they should. When dead branches are not removed right away, they will shield other parts of the tree from the sunlight. As a response, the tree will grow long, skinny branches outward at a faster rate in order to survive. This leads to an overgrown tree with branches that could split anytime. A certified arborist knows which parts should be pruned to maintain the desirable form of the tree.

They Can Do It Safely

Certain procedures must be followed when pruning or removing trees to ensure the safety of the arborist and the community. A certified arborist won’t just show up to your doorstep, borrow a cutter and climb up there. He’ll come with tree climbing spikes, a climbing line, a rigging rope, saddle, safety lanyard, harness, pruners, hand saws and any other tools required to resolve the problem. These tools are not commonly present in regular tool sheds, and even if you have them, they must be handled only by experienced hands. Additionally, certified arborists are knowledgable of the laws regarding tree management, so hiring one can save you from legal problems.

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