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20 July 2015

The most common computer problems and their solutions

Computers can be incredibly frustrating things to have in your household or office, but they are necessary things that make our lives a lot easier. We rely on computers for work, leisure and communications now more than ever, and when they break down or don’t do what we want them to, that can be aggravating and can waste a lot of important time.

Computer problems are wide-ranging and often very difficult to diagnose without extensive trial and error. Computer technicians treat errors like doctors treat symptoms. There are a large number of different underlying issues that could be causing the problem, and its difficult to know which is the culprit. It’s often most effective and stress-free to hire a third party computer technician to fix your computer. Allowing somebody to come into your house or office means they can investigate the issue and repair your computer quickly. Online or telephone support can work sometimes, but there is often not enough information for the technician to make a sound judgment. Taskforce has computer technicians across Australia. You can call them on 13TASK to arrange for a computer technician to come to your house or office and fix your computer problem.

Before a computer technician arrives, there are few things you can do that will help the technician work faster and will help you communicate the problem more clearly. This article will go over some of the most common computer problems and possible ways they can be solved. If you find your problem on the list, go through the suggested solution. If your problem persists, call somebody on 13TASK to fix your computer. The process you went through when attempting to repair your computer will help you give valuable information to pass on to your computer technician.

Your screen has frozen.

Cause: A frozen screen usually indicates that the computer’s system hadn’t been able to handle the load placed on it. This could be because too many programs are open, because you don’t have enough RAM, or because the storage on your computer has been used up.

Possible solution: Try to delete old files that take up a lot of room. Videos and movies usually take up the most space on a computer. Make sure that you clear the recycling bin on your computer after you delete the files. You can also try uninstalling programs that you no longer use or don’t recognize.

Slow Internet.

Cause: If you’re paying for a high speed internet connection, but feel that your internet is sometimes very slow, this probably indicates a problem with your wi-fi wireless connection.

Possible solution: Experiment with the placing of your modem. The closer your wireless device is, the better the reception should be. You can also check the cords attaching you computer to the modem, and the modem to the landline.

Pop-up ads on desktop.

Cause: Pop-up ads that come up on your screen when you aren’t using the internet usually indicate that a malicious program has been installed onto your computer. These programs sneak onto your computer when you are downloading and installing other programs from the internet. They are often designed to look like other programs that you know and trust in order to trick you into keeping them on your computer.  

Possible solution: Look through the list of programs that are installed on your computer. Uninstall all programs that you do not recognize.

Internet keeps dropping out.

Cause: When the Internet drops in and out, there can be a problem with the hardware in your house or office, or there can be a problem with your Internet Service Provider.

Possible Solution: Check the cables attached to your computer and modem. Ensure that there are no loose connections or damaged cables. You can also call your internet service provider and ask them if other people have been having issues with their internet connection. It is possible that your service provider has a known issue that they are working to fix.

Can’t open email attachments.

Cause: Problems with opening email attachments usually occur when your computer does not have the necessary software installed. It is also possible, however, that the security restrictions on your computer are preventing you from opening the files.

Possible Solution: Find the software that is appropriate for the file you are trying to download and install it onto your computer. You may need to do some research online to find which program is appropriate. Search for information on the file extension. For example, if the file is called ‘Resume.pdf,’ search for ‘programs for opening .pdf files.’ If the file is being blocked by your computer’s security, you can open the file as an administrator be right clicking on the file. If you choose to do this, it is important that you are certain that the file is safe and is from somebody you trust.

All computer problems have a variety of possible causes and solutions. Often it is simplest and most effective to hire a computer technician to fix your problem. Running through the list above will give you information on your problem and help you communicate with a technician clearly. Call 13TASK to have a professional Taskforce computer technician visit your office or household and fix your computer problems.