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21 September 2015

The Five Tools Every Handyman Must Have

We all know that a good handyman has a good collection of tools. But most jobs can be done with just a few of the more important tools. Building up a small, simple and reliable collection of tools is fairly simple and will help you fix almost anything around the house.


So what are a handyman’s most important tools? Let’s take a look.


A Hammer

The classic tool. A hammer is versatile, study and reliable. If you need to build something, repair something, or pull something apart, you can use a hammer. A handyman without one is like a pirate without a parrot. This is a handyman’s go-to, their most trusted companion. The simple, effective, reliable hammer.


Power drill

Another staple of those who build and repair. A power drill allows you to make things sturdy and solid. A wide range of different drill bits will allow you to repair or build almost anything wooden.


Adjustable spanner

Adaptability is the most important quality for a handyman. This is why an adjustable spanner is so important. A collection of different sized spanners is heavy, cumbersome and difficult. A single adjustable spanner does the job just as well, if not better.


A Saw

If you’re going to be building something from scratch, a saw is a necessity. For regular handyman work, go for a medium-sized saw blade tooth. A hacksaw can also be very useful for repairs and modifications to metal.


Flat head screwdriver

Screwdrivers are essential. As with many other tools, however, there are a range of different sizes and kinds. A medium-sized flat head is the safest. It can open and close both flat head and Phillips head screws.


A big, impressive, built-out tool box is great, but it’s difficult to lug around. This article reduces the wide range of tools to the essentials. A great handyman can make do with these basics and their own ingenuity. Be adaptable, be versatile, and have a simple, useful toolbox.

This article was written by Cameron Baker, Taskforce’s chief content creator.