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16 November 2015

The Best Australian Fences and Gates

Thinking of putting up fence or repairing an old one?
It can be difficult to know exactly which kind is most suitable for you.

Where Can You Get Them Installed?

If you’re looking for somebody to install your fence or gate, give Taskforce a call on 13TASK. You will be put through to your local fence builder who can answer all of your fencing questions.

Let’s have a look at some of the different kinds of gates and fences available, and the purpose each of them serve.

Pool Fence and Gate –

The pool fence and gate is strictly regulated and needs to meet certain standards of safety. All pools need to be enclosed and gates need to be child proof.
Pool fences are usually make from metal bars, as they need to be easy to see through. 

Cyclone Fence and Gate –

The cyclone fence and gate is the ugliest of all options, but is also very cheap and practical. These are great for industrial estates and places that require large amount of fencing and simple security.

Security Fence and Gate –

Security gates and fences can be large scale to enclose big industrial properties, or can be smaller for homes. Security gates are all about keeping people out, and can also be used with digital locking systems.

Timber Fence and Gate –

Timber fencing is popular because it is relatively cheap and sturdy and it looks great. Timber fencing is wonderful for homes and allows you to install some very attractive gates.

Wrought Iron Fence and Gate –

The wrought iron look is a little simpler and cleaner than any of the other options and goes well with a modern home. These kinds of fences have very low security qualities, but do the job when it comes to keeping in pets and marking your property boundary.

Colourbond Fence and Gate -
Colourbond fencing is particularly popular because it looks great, it’s sturdy and it’s great for creating enclosed, private back yards. Colourbond fences can cost slightly more and can also be noisy in areas of high wind, but otherwise they make a nice addition to your home.

Choosing the right fence and gate is all about knowing what you property needs. Find the right balance between a gate that looks good and a gate that serves its simple function.