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08 September 2015

The Beautiful Art Of Window Painting (WATCH)

Window painting is one of the oldest and most effective methods of attracting people to your store.  We all know that nicely arranged products in your window will encourage passersby to walk in, but you need a way to attract those people to your window in the first place. Window painting is perfect for this. It’s simple, beautiful & effective, yet it’s also underutilised.

The video below shows us a little of the craft and tradition of window painting. It’s a skill and an art, one that has lasted generations. Window Painting is the perfect way to give your business an extra sense of class & sophistication.


So is it worth hiring a window painter? Let’s look at some of the reasons it might be.

It’s A One-Off Cost.

Once you have had your window painted, some simple maintenance and cleaning will keep your window looking beautiful for the life of your store. Window painters charge a reasonable rate, especially when you consider that you’re getting an original artwork!

It Differentiates Your Store.  

Store fronts all look the same, and they’re often very easy to walk passed. Most people walk passed stores without even considering them. You can take advantage of this complacency by making your store front something noticeable. A well-painted window will attract the attention of those walking by. You will be more than just another bland window.  

It Projects Your Brand.

Stores are inoffensive and quiet. But an attractive window painting throws your brand out into the street. It allows people on the street to become acquainted with who you are before they even realise it.

It Converts Passersby.

Street traffic is a great source of business. In order to capitalise on the foot traffic passing your store, you need to ensure they can understand what you’re selling before they have even entered. Window painting will help you do this.

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