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03 September 2015

The Basic Principles Of Interior Design

We spend a lot of our time indoors and we want the space around us to be attractive. A well-designed room is a great thing. It maximizes utility and helps your mood. A good room makes you feel good.

Lighting –

This is one of the most important things to remember. Lighting changes everything, so one of the most important things, and one of the things that should be addressed first is the source of light. How and where does light enter? How does the artificial light affect the room? Interior design is about how people experience space. Light affects this because is impacts how we see the things around us.

Space –

Space is more than the absence of objects. It’s part of your experience of the room and should be treated as such. All rooms have their own natural space, and every decision you make, ever object you bring in, changes the space of the room. Similarly, lighting affects space because it affects how you see space. A well-lit, non cluttered room will seem very large.

Harmony and discord –

Elements that are put into a space affect each other. They can compliment each other, and have a similar effect on the environment. This is harmony. Alternatively, they may contradict each other and have opposite effects on the environment. This is discord. Strategically using harmony and discord can shape and change the energy of a room. Harmony can have a relaxing quality, whilst discord accentuates qualities and drives attention.

Focal point –

The focal point of a room is the point at which your attention is drawn. Focal points can form the centre of a room and ‘tie the place together.’ They give coherence and sense to a room and give you something to match your furniture to.

Mood –

Interior design is all about experience. How a room makes you feel is a result of how the room is designed. Mood is important because it affects your day to day experience. A happy, relaxed room can give you a happy, relaxed feeling.

Change -

Rooms change constantly. Weather, temperature, lighting, time, company, furniture, clutter – all of these things will completely reconfigure the room and your experience of it.

Interior design is all about the more subtle aspects of arranging a room. Experience is the key word. For advice and help decorating a room, call an interior designer on 13TASK.