Top 3 Pool Maintenance Tips

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A swimming pool brings joy to a home. Surround it with greenery and some wicker chairs, and you a paradise in your own yard. But things don’t stop after the construction because there is maintenance.

Everybody loves the pool but nobody wants to clean it. You do not have a choice but you make things easier.


1. Make Scrubbing and Skimming a Routine

To maintain the pristine condition of your pool, skim and scrub regularly. This will prevent the heavy collection of leaves and other debris and bacterial growth. Seeing that the pool is already heavily stained and slimy can discourage you from cleaning due to the predictable exhaustion.

Skimming should be done daily, while scrubbing can be scheduled only once a week. If money is not an issue, mull over purchasing a sophisticated vacuum that can clean the bottom of your pool.

If you don’t have the time for regular pool maintenance, hire reliable pool cleaners.


2. Take Care of the Filter

The filter strain separates impurities like dirt, debris, and leaves from the pool water.

A clogged filter will not be able to perform its function so make sure to clean it at least 1-2 times a week. Simply turn off the filter, remove the cap then take out the filter basket.

It also pays to clean the tubes of the filter system. Do this by setting allowing water to flow out of the pipes long enough until the blocks and dirty water are removed.


3. Maintain Chemical Levels

Making sure that the chemical levels are consistent and within the suggested range is one of the most important parts of pool maintenance. An imbalance can cause skin and eye irritation, and promote bacterial growth. Check your local laws about this and get test kits to monitor your pool water’s acidity.

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