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06 August 2015

Surprising Facts About Cleaning Your Pools

Any pool owner knows that owning a swimming pool is high maintenance.  For something that you end up using a couple of times a year, it’s a lot of work to maintain a private swimming pool. But when it comes to summer and you want to cool down without throwing yourself into the communal soup of public swimming pools, a private pool is worth it. Keeping a swimming pool in good condition is about understanding what your pool needs and developing a useful routine. Lets look at some of the most important things to keep in mind when cleaning or maintaining your pool.

  1. Things live in water.

Microbes and algae love water. They’re built to seek it out, infiltrate it and set up colonies. This is fine for them, but it makes owning a pool hard. This is why so many specific levels of chemicals are necessary to maintain a clean swimming pool; you need to make the pool environment uninhabitable for everything but humans.

  1. Ecologically friendly alternatives to chlorine are not always effective.

Nobody loves the red-eyes that come with pool chlorine and the smell isn’t ideal either. But chlorine is the most effective way of keeping a pool clean. Organic alternatives are fine in theory, but rarely do a good enough job of keeping things hygienic.

  1. Sunny pools get dirty faster.

A cool pool bathed in sunlight is what inspires you to get a pool in the first place. However, sunlight and heat accelerate the breakdown of chlorine. This means you have to replenish the chlorine more often to prevent the build up of algae.

  1. Old pool pumps can sap energy.

If your pool pump was installed a long time ago, it can take an enormous amount of energy to run. It’s worth ensuring that you have a modern and energy-efficient pump in your pool. If you do have a modern pump, it’s likely that the running costs will be lower than the maintenance costs of having a pool with non-circulating water.

  1. Sharks won’t get into your pool.

There’s really no need to worry that one day you’ll go for a refreshing dip and find a shark has infiltrated your pool. The probability of something like this happening is so close to zero that it is really not something worth worrying about. Sharks live in the ocean and are used to salt water; they wouldn’t survive in your swimming pool anyway.

It’s important to know what your pool needs and how to correctly maintain it. Even with proper home maintenance, it’s worth hiring a professional to ensure that all of your equipment is functional and is operating properly.