How to Choose a Solar Panel Company

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The market is flooded with Solar Panel installers and it can be confusing deciding which one you should choose.
There are a few things that you can check with each one to make sure you employ a quality operator.
1. CEC (Clean Energy Council) Accredited Installer – not only does this allow the installer to apply for government rebates on your behalf but the CEC monitors the qualifications of these installers, ensuring that only experienced installers are accredited.
2. References, Reviews and Recommendations – a quick Google search for reviews on your chosen solar installation company will quickly show you if they can be trusted or not. You can also request references from them. You can also check with family and friends that have had Solar Panels installed, who may be able to recommend a quality installer
3. CEC Approved Solar Panels – the CEC also approves certain solar retailers. These approved retailers provide whole system warranties, have been vetted, use ethical sales practices and only use CEC Accredited Installers. This will ensure the panels that your purchase are top quality and built to last.
4. Warranty – There are many types of warranties offered and available and it pays to know exactly what is under warranty before you decide on which panels you’d like. Some of the warranties offered are
• Panel Performance Warranty
• Panel Product Warranty
• Inverter Warranty
• Installation Warranty
• Whole System Warranty
5. Quotes – make sure the quotes you receive are tailored to your exact requirements and ask what is included in that price, you may need to pay extra for scaffolding etc so ensure that is included in the quote.
6. Avoid Pressured Sales – Top Solar companies won’t pressure you into deciding to use them right away. Companies that employ these tactics are after a quick sale and its best to walk away from them. A quality Solar company will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision in your own time.
We hope by following these 6 simple steps you are able to effectively choose a quality provider.

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