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04 November 2015

Simple, Interesting and Creative mailbox ideas

Your mailbox is your own small chance to decorate your home with something fun and interesting. Although a traditional mail box will do the job fine, why not turn it into something that lets people know what kind of home they’re stepping into and what kind of a person you are? Experiment with different ideas and come up with something unique, rather than the same old wooden box that everybody has.

Below are some simple, creative ideas for making your mailbox something interesting and memorable.

Old Wine Barrel –
A creative mailbox is a nice, simple, inoffensive way to let guests and pedestrians know a little about your interests. An old wine barrel is a great way to go; it’s modest, simple and sophisticated. Throw in a hinge and a lid, and you have the perfect mailbox. The only problem may be finding one small enough to mount on a post.

A Microwave Oven –

This is quirky, and certainly not for those who want to stay within the realm of the upright and proper. The old microwave oven mounted as a mailbox risks making you look like a homeless designer, but it can also give you place an interesting, retro feel.

An Empty Beer Keg –

Are you a university-aged guy with the constant desire to grunt at the world? An empty beer keg is a great way of letting people know what you’re into. They are simple and look quite nice, but may be difficult to obtain and construct.

Ammunition Tin –

Ammunition tins were built for versatility and durability, so they make the perfect mailbox. Their muted greens also make them suited to just about any environment.

License Plate Mailbox –

If you’re into recycling and cars, some old license plates can make an interesting mailbox. These can also be hard to find, but would make a great adornment for a mechanic or car store.

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