Top 3 Decorating Errors

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Although there are no restrictions on personal taste, it pays to adjust your décor in order to please other people especially potential home buyers.


Pushing Furniture Against the Walls

Small spaces can drive you to push every piece of furniture against the walls. It will surely open up in the middle but a thickened perimeter will make the room feel more constricted. Leave a breathing room for more spacious feel.

Try to divide the room into few sections using furniture, rugs, and décor. Consult a professional home designer Melbourne on how to maximise your square footage.


Laying a Rug that is Too Small

A rug that is too small makes a room feel smaller and disheveled. Make sure the rug under your furniture is at least 12 inches longer on the edges. For your bedroom, look for a throw that is at least 12 inches wider on the sides. For the dining room, choose something that spreads at least 3 feet on all sides. Bear in the mind that the main purpose of a rug is to protect the floor from scratches and to provide a cushion to falling objects.


All Corners Are Very Bright

Too much brightness has the tendency to nudge out dimension, which can make the room feel smaller.

For task lighting, use bulbs that are 60-75 watts strong. Bedrooms and bathrooms require softer light so a 40-60-watt bulb should be enough. It is still a good idea to install a general overhead light but make sure it is not the only source of illumination.

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