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How to Increase the Amount of Light that Enters Your Living Space

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Your interior living space must receive sufficient amount of natural light to give emphasis to features and to revive the spirit of the inhabitants. Although you can get the necessary illumination from lighting fixtures, there’s just something different in natural light. Here’s how to get more of it:

1. Choose Light Colour Schemes

Dark colours may be sexy they can get tired easily. Plus, they can make a room feel like a cavern. Light colour palettes are highly recommended by home painting experts because they reflect light, which can make the interiors look brighter and larger.


You can still show your exhilarating personality by adding more hues to the room, but instead of using a stable material like paint, do it using garnishes. Go wild with rugs, décor, throw pillows and furniture.

Another thing to keep in mind: use high-gloss paint. The glossier the surface, the more natural light will be reflected.

2. Lessen Your Window Treatments

While it is judicious to maintain privacy, avoid window dressings that block natural light totally. Use loosely-woven, light-coloured curtains that can be tied to the sides of the window. If you really need the blinds, consider venetians.


3. Move to Frameless Doors and Windows

Frameless doors and windows add a modern appeal and increase the entry of natural light. Different styles are available, do not worry because all of them still come with a privacy option.

Their installation requires specialised skills so don’t make it a weekend DIY project. Call us instead. We have fully-licensed Carpenters who can cater to your needs right away.


4. Take Down Some Walls

Only the unnecessary ones, of course. But it’s not something to be taken lightly. A wall can be expensive to install and demolish. Talk to a professional designer Melbourne to ensure the demolition won’t harm the flow and aesthetics of your interiors. You should also consider hiring a professional for the demolition to ensure timely completion and to avoid unnecessary damages.

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