7 Ways To Keep Your Sanity During A Renovation Before Christmas

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Everybody has some grandiose plans for Christmas like having a brand new kitchen that will smell of roasted chicken and custard. But any renovation close to Christmas has the potential to push your sanity at the brink. Aside from the expenses, there’s a strict deadline, the possibility the project won’t be completed on time and the inconvenience. We want you to maintain good mental health through the renovation, so we gathered these tips:

Postpone the decors. If you’ve plans to renovate, do not bring out the decors yet because you will have to put them back in the back once the builders arrive.
If the construction is on part of the house only, you can still decorate the others.

Understand the tradesmen. Constantly pressuring the tradesmen to work faster and finish the job as early as possible isn’t going to do any good. If you’re working with a professional Taskforce renovation contractor, they will give a date of completion. This date has been calculated well. If your own deadline doesn’t match with their capacity, you will be asked to try hiring other companies. Shady contractors take shortcuts just to satisfy their clients. These shortcuts are often at the cost of the clients, and will not show up right away.

Set Up an Alternative Space. Renovations on areas that are frequently used such as kitchen or dining room can cause great inconvenience. Before the renovation, find an alternative.
Set up a temporary kitchen or dining area before the project begins so you have enough time to get used to it before you need to deal with the sound of boots and hammers.

Try to Keep the Place as Clean as Possible. Dusts and debris are annoying. Prevent them from getting into other parts of your home by taping thick plastic sheets from floor to the ceiling. Cover the vents as well. If possible, vacuum every day by the time the builders left. This will reduce the cleanup once the project is completed.

Stay Safe. Any construction project comes with a level of danger—that’s why it is always better to leave it at the hands of Taskforce's qualified builders. Do not enter the construction area without the permission of the foreman, and you do, wear proper gear. 
If you have children, tell them never to go near the construction site. Put up a playing area for the children away from where work’s going on.

Prepare Everyone for the Haul. It’s important for everyone to be mentally prepared for the changes that will happen during the renovation. This will help them make their own preparations.
For families with children, try to keep the usual routine as much as possible. Give them a space for their usual activities like playing and studying. Doing so will reduce the stress on the children.

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