5 Home Projects to Prioritise in 2019

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If you do not have much in the bank for home improvements this year, it is important to allocate your budget properly. You do not want to tear down a wall and realise that the ceiling is more problematic. Industry professionals have identified the areas that can add the most value to a property.

1. Repainting
It is the easiest and cheapest way to give a room a total makeover. Many homeowners handle the repainting themselves, but hiring professional painters have definite advantages. Another good thing about repainting is that mistakes can be easily concealed.

2. Floor Replacement
Another worthwhile project is floor replacement. While it is pricier than repainting, it can amazingly boost the appearance of a room. According to studies, a hardwood upgrade can grow your current property price to up 3.5%.

3. Bathroom Overhaul
A survey showed that bathroom renovation is one of the most profitable home improvement projects for 2019.

4. Kitchen Remodel
New paint and glossy faucets may not be enough to sway potential buyers. If you want to flood them with excitement, go for a smart kitchen. Get rid of 50-year old appliances, dingy tiles and hard drawers. Install some advanced kitchen equipment and use smart technology. But do not rush the renovations; consult an expert on kitchen remodeling Australia first.

5. A Cozy Laundry Room
Nobody enjoys washing their clothes on the sink or being squeezed in a corner to get the laundry. Give yourself (and future buyers) a pleasant laundry experience by adding a separate laundry room. Of course, this will depend on the available space. Consult with an experienced contractor Australia on maximizing your floor area.

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