Plumbing Preparations for Winter

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Winters in Australia demand more than wool scarves and fancy heaters. Before winter takes a full swing, make sure your home’s plumbing system is also ready for the season. You do not want to wake up to find that there’s no warm water coming out of the shower, right? Take these steps to save money and stay safe throughout the chilly nights and days.

Protect the Outdoor Faucets
Outdoor faucets are exposed to cold. A week or two before winter is the best time to disconnect the hose and put it in the shed. Make sure to drain it before storage. Shut off the valve to outdoor faucets. Cover the faucets and valves so they won’t freeze and crack. Faucet covers are available in local home improvement stores.

Protect Exposed Pipes
Exposed pipes can become frozen during winter. If applied with additional pressure, they could crack and result to bigger problems. Look for any exposed pipe and cover it with insulation foam.
Before covering the pipes, it is recommended to check them for cracks. These cracks can turn into plumbing disasters when the temperature drops. Also, they can serve as entry point for cold air; negating your heating efforts.

Tune-up the Water Heater
The water heater is one of the busiest devices during winter. Prepare it for a hectic schedule by draining it before running a thorough checkup.
Rather than being forced to take a cold shower, contact a water heater specialist to tune up the device.

Arrange an Overall Examination
If you have a day or two for winter preparations, we would suggest making an arrangement with a professional plumber. Have the entire plumbing system examined before it undergoes tremendous pressure. This way, small glitches can be contained. It is also easier for plumbers to work when it is not freezing. You will also find it easy to drive back and forth from a local hardware to get supplies.

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