Be Prepared! Make Sure You Have These Plumbing Tools

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It doesn’t matter where you live. Be it in a simple pad or a lavish mansion, you can’t escape plumbing problems. Similar to any other system, your home’s plumbing is exposed to various elements that can cause flops to its normal functioning. While you might have the number of a good plumber, it is still better to know how to patch things up while waiting for help. And by that, it means you need these plumbing tools and supplies.


Repair Kits

It’s a relief to know that there are repair kits available in numerous hardware stores and home improvement centres in the country. There’s a kit for fixing a leaky pipes, clogged sinks, drippy faucets and many other simple plumbing issues. Repair kits are usually packaged with nuts and bolts or any other hardware.


Plumber’s Putty

A plumber’s putty can do wonders. While waiting for the plumber, you can use a speck of this putty to temporarily stop water from flowing out of broken pipes. By applying temporary solution, you can prevent extensive water damage.


Pipe Epoxy

Seal cracks around pipes or hoses to prevent accumulation which can be stressful to clear out. You may apply a pipe epoxy for a short-term resolution to stop the water from flowing out of the proper route. A small amount of this epoxy can save you hours of cleaning. But use it sparingly because it can be very difficult to remove.


Pipe Wrench

A pipe wrench is a must-have for every homeowner because it’ll help you tighten bolts in difficult areas. It’s not necessary to have a whole set of pipe wrenches; just keep even just one for emergency purposes.


Nuts and Bolts

Various components need nuts and bolts. And since these types of hardware are relatively inexpensive, you have no excuse not to keep extras at home. Purchase nuts and bolts of various sizes and store them in jars so you won’t have to leave in the middle of a plumbing repair for a trip to a hardware store. Make sure they’re organized by size so you can get the job done fast.


A Complete Toolbox

You can get through different plumbing problems with ease if you have a toolbox containing the essentials such as screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches and screws. Don’t forget to keep a pair of clean working gloves and a tape in it. Keep your tools clean and organized for a smooth repair.

If you think your skills aren’t enough to handle the problem, simply call a professional plumber Perth.

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