A Short Guide on Hot Water Systems

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Water heaters are an integral part of life for the people in Australia. In fact, it is one of the highest energy users, with an energy use of 15% to 17%. It also produces large amounts of greenhouse gas each year. But when renewable sources are utilised, the emissions are decreased or eliminated.

Hot water systems are generally divided into two categories:
     1. Storage-based systems store water in a tank and keep it hot, so the water is always ready to use.
     2. Instantaneous systems heat water only when needed.

Types of Hot Water Systems

More than 50% of Australia households use electric storage systems because they the units and installation are affordable. However, these systems can also be costly to run.

This type of system uses solar panels and a storage tank. The tank is either installed at ground level or on the roof.
Solar units may require assistance from electricity or gas in areas where there is not much sun. The unit and its installation are expensive.

Heat Pump
Compared to electric hot water systems, heat pump water systems are remarkably efficient. Their energy consumption is less than 50% of the latter. Refrigeration cycle is used to obtain heat from the air.
Heat pump water heaters have two types:
     • integrated with the tank and compressor combined
     • split with the tank and compressor separate
It is important to know that compressors produce noise and not all models can sustain extreme temperatures. Although they use less energy, the units are expensive.

Gas water heaters are notably inefficient. There is huge heat loss because you cannot cover the gas flames. Also, you will have to install it outdoors due to ventilation requirements.

The installation of a hot water system, whichever type you choose, must be performed by a licensed installer in your state. Not only for safety reasons; are licensed installers also aware of the rebates that you may be eligible of.
It is recommended to refer the repairs to the same company that installed it.

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