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29 April 2015

3 common causes for blocked drains in your home

A blocked drain is a very common problem around the house – we have all been there, right?

Here are some common reasons for drains becoming blocked. Most people do not want to deal with these issues themselves, which is why they call a qualified plumber to fix the problems in a quick and efficient manner.

Some of the more common problems include:Plumbing pipes

Damaged or Broken pipes

Yes – the old broken pipe. It always seems to happen when we least expect it. When a pipe is broken, split, or damaged - the water flow is impacted which may in fact cause it to collapse or block altogether. Poor installation, substandard materials used, the age of the plumbing works, and even shifts in foundation can all become relevant causes for this to happen. If you have underground pipes in your home, this can make it more difficult for your plumber to fix the problem, and it can also be more costly the more difficult it becomes.

Heavy rains, flooding, and thunder storms

Your drains could become blocked after heavy rains, flooding from build-up of water or heavy downpours have hit – leaving a build-up of dirt, mud, rubbish or debris which is hard to clear out. Drain blockage after heavy storms is a very common problem, and can not only cause severe damage to your plumbing systems, but can also be a very costly experience requiring significant work to be done on some occasions.

Incorrect pipe installation

When in doubt – call in an expert, it’s as simple as that. You may be saving yourself from a lot of heart ache, and a hit to the hip wallet when you realise you should have just done it right the first time.

Poor workmanship, and DIY jobs gone wrong are a more common problem that you think. Always ensure you have an experienced and accredited plumber manage complex pipe installations at your home or business. Poor installations are not only dangerous to your home, but could lead to other more serious problems externally of your property also.