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08 May 2015

Avoid Infestation This Winter with These Natural Techniques

Most people just sit near the fireplace with a piece of wool blanket draped over their lap while drinking something hot while rain falls outside. Pests need to keep their bodies warm throughout the winter too, and they might think of harboring in your home. When it’s too cold outside and there are no ripe fruits falling from trees and everything is frozen, rodents search for a warm accommodation where there could be food too. Apart from the potential property damage, rodents and insects may spread disease-causing microorganisms around your home too. But, of course, there are ways to keep them out.

Clear the clutter

Before the temperature drops, make your home pest-free by conducting a thorough clean-up. Norway rats stink bugs, ants and termites might be living under those piles of junks you’ve been hoarding for years. Dispose old batteries properly, sell scrap metal and plastic and give everything that is still usable to charity. After getting rid of the mess, vacuum the place in order to remove microscopic eggs that they possibly left and might develop into full-grown organisms during the winter.

Block Possible Entrances

Pests come in different sizes. This is why you should discount that little hole in the wall. Weather-stripping can help you with this. Sealing all openings using foam, rubber, vinyl or metal will not only reduce your electricity bills but also reduce the chances of winter infestation. Bring out the caulking gun and spackling paste to cover small cracks where small insects can crawl. Remember that an opening as small as 0.31 cm can already serve an entry for various species from class Insecta. Also replace broken glasses and screens.

Don’t Leave Your Lawn Livable For Pests

Dried leaves and moldy fruits and vegetables should be raked and placed on the compost bin. Don’t leave them sitting on your lawn because they could attract pest.  Pull weeds and prune bushes properly to get rid of anything that could serve as their shelter. Also, don’t leave containers out there. If it’s safe to out, try manicuring the grass and other plants throughout the winter.

If you’re going to use wood this season, make sure that the pile is not just beside the door. Keep the wood pile dry in a location that is no less than 6 yards away from you house.

Don’t Leave Them Food

If a rodent discovers that a certain place has a consistent supply of food, it will stay there. And worse, it’s going to invite its own family for a holiday in your home. Dispose food leftovers properly; don’t just throw them into the open. Even crumbs should be wiped right away.

Since some food items are not be refrigerated you must have lidded containers that are made of glass or metal for this winter. Starving pests may gnaw on cardboard and plastic containers to get sustenance.

Call Professional Pest Control

The techniques mentioned above can lessen the odds of experiencing winter infestation but might not be enough to make your home impermeable. To protect your property and health of your family, it is suggested to call an expert that is knowledgeable about home pest control and equipped with the latest and safest pest repellents.