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03 October 2016

Patios & Decks: What Are the Differences?

While many homeowners associate the two together, patios and decks are actually distinct from each other.  Although both patio and deck serve the same purpose of allowing you take delight to the outdoors while seated in a comfortable place, each have unique traits. Before you make a decision to bring the tools out or hire a contractor, make certain that you know all differences between all decks and patios:

Patio means a building’s courtyard, usually, of a house. However, unlike a courtyard, surrounding walls are not needed in a patio. Usually, patios are attached to a house however there are also patios which can be detached therefrom. There is no standard shape for patios and a variety of materials are used to built them. Since they’re typically established at ground level, railings are not necessary.

On contrast, Decks are often made of wood or composite. Unlike a patio, decks are generally not built at ground level as it made to take advantage of their great view. It’s a challenging, yet a very common DIY project that a lot of Australians take on during the summer. Since decks are no generally built at ground level, railings are needed. Decks also needs to be sealed and cleaned regularly to avoid and prevent rot and mold.

The Materials of Patios & Decks

By just looking at the material, you can tell if it’s a patio or a deck.

The usual materials of patios are concrete, brick, rock, pebbles, stone and pea gravel. As you can see, there are a lot of options to choose from before installing a patio. While decks are almost always made of wood or a composite material. There are a lot of wood types to choose from but the most common are redwood and cedar.  Each have their own benefits. We outlined some of them on the bottom of our decking cost estimators.

Cleaning Patios & Decks

Both decks and patios can be a shelter for molds. Mold on decks are more common and a lot of homeowners are aware of this before installation, however, Patio owners must realize that if you they have to regularly clean and maintain their patios otherwise, mold will appear.

The location of the deck is the most important factor in removing deck molds. Deck mold may appear on the surface, below or next to the structure. Just conduct a thorough inspection. If there are molds in your deck, don’t worry, because they’re fairly easy to remove.

I suggest that you apply wood sealant at least once a year. This is crucial if you want to extend the lifespan of your deck.

Patios are less demanding than decks. However, if you spot mold growth, go to the local hardware store and buy a high quality washing product formulated for the type of material in your patio. Be careful on what the cleaning product that you use to prevent damage. You may also use a pressure washer to get rid of molds.