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04 May 2015

House Painting During Winter: It's Possible but Is it Practical?

Even the cold can’t stop you from repainting your home. It is said that the best season for house repainting is summer when it is warm and sunny and there’s barbeque in the backyard. But what if you have to do this task this winter because in preparation for a huge event next spring? Should you tackle this task or reschedule it and just put up with the gloomy and unsightly tint until next summer? House repainting during winter is possible but might not be practical especially in this age of improved paints.

Take Temperatures Seriously

Paint manufacturers advise people with a minimum ambient temperature that is ideal for painting. 50 degrees used to be the line but with the advancements in paint technology, you can now paint even if it’s 35 degrees outside. Just make sure that the temperature is above the minimum ambient temperature indicated by the paint manufacturer. There are plenty of paint companies out there that make paints for places with cold climates.

Note that concrete walls may get colder than the surroundings. It is suggested to raise the thermostat of your house while they are painting outside, and keep it like that for another 36 hours after the work is done if the walls are markedly cold. However, this technique isn’t applicable when painting the interiors of your house because you’ll have to let the fumes out of the window. And if you are going to open the windows, the cold air will come inside.

Don’t Hit Humidity

Paint will not adhere to wet surfaces. Hence, do not paint when it’s humid. Winters are typically less humid; however that’s not always the scenario. Touch the walls and if you can feel that it’s soggy, postpone the work for the day. You will also have rescheduled if it has rained heavily the night before especially if the walls are made of porous materials like wood. When it’s humid, water doesn’t evaporate quickly. They remain in the environment causing things to be waterlogged. Therefore, it may take longer to finish the painting job if you’re going to do it during winter.

You Can Get a Better Proposition

Winter means slow business for painters because most people want their houses painted during summer. They are more likely to offer a cut-rate deal for the job because the demand for their services isn’t as strong during the summer season. Just like any business out there, the prices are better when it’s not peak season


Would Professionals Do This?

Professional painters take the weather into account before accepting a painting job. They know that temperatures and moisture can affect the length and quality of their work so they don’t take on any job without examining the dynamics involved. Furthermore, they should be able to explain why it is not practical to do it right now and how much it would cost you if you really need to have the house repainted this winter.