5 Common Home Locking Oversights

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The security of your property depends on having a good system for locking your points of entry. And, of course, home security is about much more than just securing your goods; it’s about the welfare and comfort of your family. So you need to get it right, and you need to understand a few of the common oversights made by homeowners in regards to their locks.

You don’t need to be paranoid, but home safety is always a good investment.

Rekey Your Locks When Buying A New Place –
If a lock has had a life before you came along, it has keys out in the world too. You might even know the previous owners, but keys get shared around and it’s often the case that criminals that wouldn’t have broken in on the previous family will do it to you. Be safe and rekey.
What is the best kind of lock?
A deadlock has a more solid mechanism than the more common spring lock. They are more resistant to forcible entry and to lock picking. They cost a little more, but are the most secure locks available.

Plastic Rock-keys are obvious.
Hiding your key in a plastic rock does nothing to prevent break-ins. A criminal will always look thoroughly for a key before breaking in, and they often find it. Beneath the welcome matt or on a ledge above the door are also not good enough to be hiding places.

Don’t use a Turn Lock near a window –
Locks that you can open by turning the handle are useful and convenient. However, if you have one placed near a window, thieves will smash the window, reach in and unlock the door.

How To Give Someone Else Access To Your Home –
If someone else needs to access your house that you don’t trust completely (a contractor/new visitor), install a deadlock and knob lock on your front door. Have a master key cut that opens both, and a sub key that opens just the knob lock. On the day your guest needs to gain access, give them just knob key and lock only that lock.  

If you’re aware of these common problems and are able to accurately judge the amount of security your place requires, everything will be fine. Home security is about understanding the balance between paranoia and complacency. The best option is to talk to a professional locksmith to get a sense of how to best secure your home.

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