Stone Garden Ideas

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Unless you’re committed to spending hours in the garden each weekend, you need to find something that is manageable, maintainable and looks good. It’s not easy; most gardens that look great have hours and weeks and years of planning, effort and expertise behind them.

Nobody has time for that. So let’s look at some other things you could use in your garden that require a little less attention and a little less maintenance.
Stones. Rocks. They’re simple, beautiful objects that make for a great low-maintenance garden. Let’s look at some interesting stone garden ideas.

Stepping Stones –
The classic method of incorporating stones is to create a path. It’s a tested, true method – the stepping stone. A simple way to make this little garden accessory just a little more interesting is to get the kids to paint the stones or draw on them with chalk.

Japanese-inspired Zen Garden –
The wonderful stone gardens of Japan look immaculate and beautiful. They also keep away weeds and give you a space for a really large stone as a centerpiece.

Stone Sculptures –
If you like to travel around Australia, pick up an interesting stone on every trip you take. When you have built up a nice, interesting collection, turn them into a stone sculpture for the garden. This will look great, but will also be a symbolic reminder of all the places you’ve travelled and things you’ve done.
Create Garden Markers –
This is a cute little project that will help you keep track of what you’ve planted where. Paint some stones with the names of the plants to keep track of your crops.

Stone Furniture –
This can be a little more difficult, and often requires a wire frame around the stones to keep them in place. If you have access to a big stack of stones, though, you might just be able to pull this one off!

Stones and rocks are a great thing to incorporate into your garden. They’re hardy, cheap and look nice. Although you might have to do some weeding to keep everything looking fresh and new, stones are your friend and can be used to improve any garden.  

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