Make Your Home Standout with Creative Landscaping

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If you would be asked to choose between two houses with the same size and style based solely on their appearance from across the street, what would you look at? You’d probably take the landscape into a major consideration. A Victorian-style house with a well-trimmed lawn speckled with flamboyant flowers would certainly be more attractive than a Victorian-style house with a dried up lawn. Hence, if you’re planning to put your property in the market, you must mull over investing more on beautifying the landscape. But this proposal isn’t exclusively for sellers; it is also for homeowners who simply want to reconnect with nature and improve your health.

Tidying and planting around are tied up with some benefits, however, since you’re all ready to pour some more resources to improve the yards, why don’t you just get a little more creative? Here are some creative landscape ideas that can make your property more attractive, more interesting and more valuable:


Put spirals and circles around the garden using potted plants, colourful rocks and fountains for a very imaginative look. Children will certainly enjoy an adventure around your garden.

Water Haven

Impress your guests with an innovative water garden. Running water is a common element because its sound has a calming effect. This may be a grunt work that requires experience. To make the project successful, contact garden and lawn care experts by dialling 13TASK.

Fusion Style

Make your courtyard a perfect place for intimate gatherings by putting around Asian-inspired seating, decors and planters.

Clean Lines

If you don’t want to deviate from your home’s ultra-modern look use stone and steel to decorate the yard. Arrange stones in a creative manner and go for steel-made outdoor furnishings.

Primrose Hill

Divide the lawn into two separate areas with a hedge. Put a cantilever bench on one area and chaise on the other.


Create a space for seclusion where you can meditate or write a journal. Accessorize the garden with large jars and tall shrubberies.

Secret Hideaway

Highlight a piece of art such as a sculpture by surrounding it with water and vibrant plants. Create a dramatic effect by strategically placing lights.

Kensington Garden

Anybody needs a getaway from the clamour, a garden with tall plants and hedges can keep the noise the down. Make it perfect with a wicker coffee table and few chairs.


If you don’t like seeing a lot of clutter, opt for the contemporary design with simple layouts that allow easy flow around the area.

Landscape maintenance

You wouldn’t be dressing up the yard just for a one day photo shoot; you would want to enjoy its beauty for an extended period of time.  Here are simple ways to keep it lively and lovely all year round:

Prune conservatively- Be a little artsy with trimming plants. Make sure that they’re shapes are in harmony.

Burn sick plants- Avoid the spread of plant diseases by burning sick plants. Don’t throw them in the compost bin.

Mulch up- Enrich the plant beds by spreading a fresh layer of mulch. Its colour will give the yard a healthier look.

Fix irrigation problems- Prevent the greenery from drying out by making sure that the irrigation system is in good working condition.

Taskforce can help maximize your lawn and budget. They have experts on gardening and lawn care who know exactly how to compromise your dreams and your resources. All that you have to do is dial 13TASK to be referred to the nearest Taskforce franchisee.

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