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How to Keep Pests Out of Your Landscape

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Pest control is an important component of a landscaping project. Your work can be ruined once pests decide to make it their home due to the presence of damp soil, vegetation, and desirable breeding conditions.

We’ve asked our pest control experts how to prevent common backyard pests from wiping out our landscaping efforts.



If your landscape includes an artificial body of water, watch out for mosquitoes. They can reproduce uncontrollably in jars and puddles. There are commercially-prepared mosquito repellents; however, the chemical content may be harmful to plants. Use a mosquito magnet instead.

Dispose stagnant water and replace birdbath daily to get rid of any potential breeding sites. Consider adding wildlife that consumes mosquito larvae.



Piles of foliage and debris are attractive to earwigs. You might spot them during the day because they tend to hide in moist crevices, but they could feed on your plants at night.

Keep them away from your lawn by cleaning on a regular basis. If you have an existing earwig problem, avoid using mulch in the meantime.


Earwigs or similar insects are quite common in landscaped gardens that have piles of lawn debris, leaves, and foliage. Given below are a few tips to deal with earwigs.

Making your lawn bird-friendly is also advised because most birds consume earwigs and other garden pests.


How to Control Bigger Animals

Your work can also be messed by bigger animals like dogs, cats, rabbits, and moles. Fence your lawn property to prevent their entry or use traps in areas they frequent.

For unbearable pest problems, contact a local pest control company. The professionals know the best options for different types of settings and pests.

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