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Entertaining outdoors is becoming an increasingly popular trend. People prefer to stretch their legs on patios, decks and pergolas with platters of kebab and pitchers of orange juice at their side. Watching the game on a television outside during summer is a great way to spend time together. But the outdoor lounge isn’t just for the guests to enjoy; its the household’s one-step-away paradise.

In this age, when the outdoor space is getting a lot of attention, you should take more than just a peek at your backyard. A dilapidated patio, a dry pergola or a creaking deck can definitely be stressful to look at. With the tips listed below, you could create a wonderful escape and add more value to your home.

Give it a new coat

Repainting or refinishing the outdoor space is like giving it Botox; you’ll make it look fresher and livelier. Peeling-off paint doesn’t look great and won’t put people into a relaxed state. Make sure that the paint or finish that you use has been formulated specially for outdoor use. Also, check the note of the manufacturer as to when it is most ideal to apply the paint.

Build an extension

If you are determined to make the al fresco more exciting and you have the budget, consider extending the living space. The builders of Taskforce can help you make the most of your backyard space with their space-saving layouts and creative techniques. Give them a call on 13TASK.

Add attractive and comfortable furniture

Throw out those depressing plastic chairs. Give your outdoor living space a splash of elegance by buying furniture made of wood, wicker or metal. Cedar, jarrah and teak can endure the weather of various parts of the country, but require higher maintenance in dry environments.

Traditional wicker furniture is good for enclosed spaces, but if it will be exposed to external elements then you should go for an all-weather type that is typically made of resin.  Furniture made of out of wrought iron is recommended for windy places because its weight won’t allow it to tumble around easily, while aluminium furniture is lighter but doesn’t corrode.

Play with the lights

Everybody loves an evening spent under the stars. Create a dramatic atmosphere by hanging string lights or installing pillar lights with dimmers. Don’t give the area too much light; if your outdoor space is intensly bright you won’t be able to appreciate the dark of the night.

Your outdoor lounge is going to attract a lot of insects so it is advisable to have citronella candles or torches to keep them away. Also, clean up regularly and never leave pieces of food around to avoid developing a pest problem.

Reconnect with nature

Plants and flowers are going to make your deck, patio or pergola more than just a structure, but a living sanctuary. Pick colourful ones to brighten the area and inspire optimism, and think about buying plants that give off a soothing fragrance. Place them in pots and hanging baskets and arrange them strategically. You may also want to paint their containers.

No matter what outdoor project you have in mind, Taskforce can help you out. Just dial 13TASK to be put into contact with the most reliable workers. 

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