Creative Landscaping Ideas and Tips

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The landscape around your property can make or break your home’s curb appeal so we’ve put together a bunch of ideas to liven up your outdoor spaces and garden.


Create a Colourful Garden – Include a variety of plants that blossom at different times throughout the year to ensure there is always a pop of colour visible.

Planter Boxes – DIY or store bought, planter boxes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Rather than filling with dirt, simply place your pot plants in them which will allow to switch up which plants are where with ease.

Entrance Flower Bed – plant aromatic flowers close to your entrance way, so you will be greeted by fragrant and bright flowers each time you enter and exit your home

Keep it Green – Evergreen trees and plants ensure that you have lovely plants year-round. Once mature, they take less watering and maintenance.

Brighten up the Shade – Use colourful plants to brighten up shady areas of your garden.

Vertical Gardens – these space savers can brighten up the smallest areas and are especially useful when floor space is limited

Backyard getaway – combine lighting with landscaping to create a relaxing space for your family. Experiment with different pot plants to create points of interest.

Curb Appeal – Paint stair risers onto your front steps to match your house and stencil your house number to match the paint trim. Use plants that compliment the style of your home.

Hanging Plants – Hanging planters are a beautiful accessory that be used indoors and out to create points of interest or to liven up a blank space.

Use a Trellis – You can use a trellis in the traditional way to assist your climbing plants or mix it up by hanging smaller pot plants. A trellis can also provide extra privacy or shelter from winds

Raised Garden Beds – Great for creating depth in your garden and much easier to control the soil conditions, its simple to build so you can customise it to fit.

Succulents – easy to care for and with a huge variety, succulents are a great way to add new textures and colours to any garden

Water features – install a water feature to instantly add a degree of calm to your outdoor space. You don’t even need to spend a fortune on a store bought one, its easy to create your own.

Stone work – Brick patios and edges add interest and definitive edges to your landscape allowing you to separate areas with style

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