Cool Backyard Ideas

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Your backyard is a wonderful place to spend some of your quiet leisure hours, especially in the warmer months. Whether you’re looking for solitude, or a place for the entire family to have some fun together, your backyard is the perfect place to experiment, make it your own and make it something interesting. You don’t always need to break the bank to add a little life to your backyard, either. Some simple resources and a few good ideas can turn your backyard into a space you love.

Let’s look at some cool ideas to spruce up your backyard.

Suspend a square hammock.

We all recognize the two-point hammock, but don’t forget about the four point hammock. A piece of sturdy square fabric can be suspended by its four corners and turned into a spacious hammock. This is comfortable and is the perfect space for relaxing and taking in the warm summer weather.

Colourful birds nests.

This is a great little trick, and it’s a wonderful, peaceful way for you and your kids to interact with nature. Fill an old wire basket with yarn scraps and hang it from a tree. Nearby birds will come to it and collect threads of yarn to take back and build into their nests. This is a great project, a kind of collaboration with nature that put some little hidden gems into your backyard.

Turn an old chair into a swing

Use some rope to hang up an old chair in a tree to create a makeshift swing. This is a great way to bring a rustic feel to your backyard, and also allows you to repurpose and old chair you might otherwise have thrown out.

Glow in the dark ring-toss.

Set up a glow stick and glow in the dark bracelets to create a game of glow in the dark ring toss. Colourful fun for late night party games!

Plant some fuzzballs from space.

There are hundreds of strange varieties of plants that look crazy and wonderful. Plant some Kochia Scoparia around your yard. They are hardy plants, easy to care for and they look incredible. They change colour from a light green to a brilliant pink as the seasons change.        

A few simple ideas can change your backyard from a boring patch of grass to and outdoor spectacular. Think about how you want to feel when you spend time in your backyard and try to find creative ways to get there. This articles offers just a few ideas for creating an outdoor space that you and your family will love.

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