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26 October 2015

Interesting Bathroom Tile Ideas

Bathroom tiles offer a great opportunity to make your bathroom something personal and unique. Long, thin tiles in washed-out, pale hues are very popular at the moment, and look great in a modern bathroom. Older, classic tiling can give your bathroom a sense of tradition and refinement. Your tiling choices really set the feel of a very personal space.
Let’s look at some different ideas for bathroom tiling.
Modern and Simple Wall Tiling
Modern –
The sleek, clean, modern look is a great choice for bathrooms. We all like our bathrooms to feel nice and fresh, and the modern look does that well. Thin tiles in greys and browns work well, with a white or grey mortar. The tiling pattern can be randomized for a little interesting flourish.

Simple, small square tiles are easy to install and allow you to fit your tiles to spaces easily. They also give you a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing a look and a layout; you can create whichever pattern your choose, as long as you can find the right coloured tiles.  
Retro and Classic Wall Tiling
The 70s were a bold time for interior design, with outrageous reds and burnt-umber oranges.  If you’re feeling particularly eccentric, why not harken back to the days of cheese fondue with some retro tiling? Because they look hideous? That’s a totally reasonable response.

When tiles were first being put into bathrooms, there was only a limited number of available colours; soft oranges, blues, greens and whites. These colours came to form the classic tiling palette, and still look very nice together in the original, classic tiling arrangements.
Budget and creative wall tiling
Simple, large, white tiles are the cheapest option, but actually look quite nice in a simple bathroom. The popularity of this style of tile has dropped the price, but they’re cheap for good reason; they look nice.

If you’re looking for something unique, you can create a mosaic with smaller tiles for an interesting effect. You might also want to source interestingly shaped tiles to give your bathroom a little more edge.
Rare wall tiles

Rare –

Tiling is an ancient practice, and there are many very rare tiles out there. It’s often possible to buy some old, significant tiles for a reasonable price. They make a great addition to a wall, and often come with interesting histories.
Bathroom tiling is worth putting some real thought into. Great tiling will really add to the overall effect of your home and can be a great, fun project to work on.