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28 June 2015

Innovative Ways to Add Excitement to your Kitchen


The kitchen is no longer just a place to store and prepare food. Modern kitchens are the heart of the home, where friends and family can gather to tell stories, pass down recipes and argue about wine. It’s worth spending the time to make your kitchen a beautiful space. It’s not all about having glossy countertops and shiny finishes; a kitchen renovation needs to make guests feel comfortable and engaged, it needs to be a place that excites and welcomes people. Here are some innovative kitchen ideas that suit a modern, sophisticated household:

Flowing Space

Cooking for friends and family is an activity that invigorates the entire house. It’s important not to have a kitchen that is closed-off and hidden away from your other rooms. You want people to be able to come in and out of the kitchen; you want to be able to have conversations while stirring sauce of slicing onions. You may want to expand the doorway or remove part of a wall to create an open window into the kitchen.

An effective trick to give your kitchen a feeling of continuous space  with the rest of your household is to match the flooring of the kitchen and living area. This will encourage people to walk in and out of the kitchen and lend a hand.

Build an island

Kitchens with island benches are a particularly popular choice these days, and for good reason. More than just a bench, a kitchen island give you space to store cooking equipment and utensils, as well as centralising your oven and stove top. Preparation space and waste disposal can also be built into the island, allowing you to keep the rest of your kitchen space tidy and uncluttered. If you’re planning to have your kitchen remodeled, take advantage of the beautiful design and utility of an island bench. Have drawers installed below where you can keep knives, napkins, coasters and utensils.  

Clean and crisp

Much of the simplicity and tidiness of modern design comes from the architects and designers of Europe in the first half of last century. Long kitchen tables with clean lines, cabinets of the same size, simple handles and ornaments. The aesthetic worked perfectly with the glass and stainless steel materials, creating a clean, spacious and modern look that retains its popularity and elegance. Play with space to reinvigorate your kitchen. Consider putting rounded cabinets where you have right angles, or installing your bench at an angle to the rest of the kitchen. This will open up your kitchen space and make it feel more like it is part of the entire house. To compliment a modern atmosphere, get new stainless steel kitchen utensils and neat appliances.  

Get Inspired

Figure out what kind of feel you want your kitchen to have; laid-back, professional, cottage-esque, homey or something entirely different. Find photos and ideas that inspire you. Read about different cultures and the way they design kitchen spaces. Find ways of making your kitchen something beyond the regular norms of average kitchens.  Find out how the French, Mexican, Old English, Spanish or Tuscan cultures approached their kitchens. How did they make them look and feel? What purpose did the kitchen serve in their society and their home life? Looking into these ideas can be the key to finding a great idea for your kitchen and creating something you’ll love.

One important thing to remember when remodeling: choose a single style and stick to it. Be careful when trying to blend styles, you may create and eye sore. If in doubt, stick to one theme. If you’re feeling adventurous, make sure that all of the elements you choose to include are harmonious.

Be Colourful

If the walls of your kitchen have always been painted white, maybe it’s time to try something bolder. Yellow and orange are sensible choices because they stimulate appetite, and can also make the kitchen appear sunnier. If you can’t change the paint, place things around the kitchen that introduce new colour. Kitchen appliances that were previously available only in stainless steel or white now come in bright colours. A yellow refrigerator, a red coffee maker or a purple blender can give you kitchen a brighter, more exciting look.

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