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03 October 2016

How to Say Goodbye to Winter

Different seasons call for different preparations. Now that winter is officially gone, there are things you must do in order for you to get the best of this season.

Stock up for the warmer weather.

Don’t forget the summer essentials the next time you go shopping. For your medicine cabinet, get a sun block, an insect repellants and an ointment for insect bites. For your linen closet, make sure there crisp picnic blankets and fresh and downy beach towels. Your pantry should also be stocked with ingredients in making favorite summer chows. Fill the fridge with fruits for smoothies that will comfort you in the midst of the sweltering heat.

Bring out your outdoor summer needs.

Visit your shed and set the things you will need for summer upfront. These include gardening tools and sports gear. Organize them for easy access because you’ll be needing them more often this summer.

Convert your patio.

You probably spent lots of hours inside your home last winter, glued to the TV or computer or wrapped in your favorite blankie whilst reading a good book. So now that there’s sunlight everywhere, you would want to spend more time outside. The patio is the outdoor extension of your living space. Make it clean and comfortable by sweeping leaves, twigs and other types of debris away. Use soapy water and brush for obstinate dirt and blast water onto hard to reach areas. Don’t forget the walkways, the hammock and the outdoor furniture. After cleaning, create some drama by playing with outdoor lights. Add pillows and flowering plants to achieve the right mood.

Get the grill.

Roll up your sleeves and give the grill some deep cleaning. Disconnect the grill from the gas supply, systematically take it to bits (follow the manual as much as possible) and then wash it soapy water. Use a hard-wired brush to remove tough build up. Allow the grill to dry then heat it up for 10 minutes. Afterwards, smear some cooking oil on the grates. Doing this will make your grill look presentable and prevent contamination.