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06 November 2015

How To Mount A Wall-mounted Bookshelf

Floating bookshelves are a great, simple way to make your place a little more aesthetically pleasing. They’re also great for making use of space that would otherwise be wasted.
Floating bookcase use metal mounts that need to be attached to the wall. Shelf standard adjustable brackets allow you to move the bookshelf up or down, but look far less attractive than a simple metal bracket that cannot be shifted.  Either way, you’ll need to install your shelf by mounting it on the wall, so the basic steps are the same.

Locate the Studs.

The studs (the solid beams of wood behind your drywall) are much more solid, because they run from the bottom to the top of the wall and are structural. They can be drilled into and can hold a lot of weight. Ideally, you should mount your bookshelf into these. To locate them, you can either use a professional stud finder, or you can tap against the wall. Hollow sounds indicate no stud, thicker sounds indicate there is a stud.

Construct Your Shelf.

Most shelves are easy to construct and come with simple instructions. This will, at most, require fifteen minutes and a drill.

Put Your Shelf In Place.

Hold you shelf up and experiment with placing. Where do you want it to sit and how to you want it to look? Use a spirit level to ensure you have it straight. When you know exactly where you want it, rule a line on the wall under the shelf.

If there are pre-set positions for the brackets to be attached, mark this too.

Screw Your Metal Brackets to the Wall.

Align your metal brackets to the line you drew and screw them into the wall. Spread the brackets evenly over the length of the bookshelf, leaving four or five inches from the edge of the bookshelf.

Place Your Bookshelf And Screw It In.

Place your bookshelf onto the brackets and screw the metal brackets to the bookshelf. Ensure that you hold or weight down the bookshelf as you do.


What If I Can’t Find The Studs.

If you can’t find the studs, or they aren’t in the right place, you can use molly bolt, which anchor themselves against the wall. These are cheap and allow the bookshelf to hold more weight than regular screws. If you uncertain about how much weight your bookshelf can hold, it’s probably best to get some advice from a local hardware store when you’re buying your molly bolts.  

That’s pretty much it! You’ve got yourself a floating wall-mounted bookshelf. If you’ve done everything right, you’ll have a good-looking, solid bookshelf that will last you as long as you need.