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24 November 2015

How To Build A Dog Kennel

Your dog is part of your family, and they need a nice, comfortable place to sleep and relax. Buying a pre-made kennel is always a possibility, but if you want to accommodate your dog’s individual needs, or you just want to get handy, why not make your own dog kennel?

Let’s look at the most important steps to building a dog kennel.


What kind of wood should I use?

Treated pine is great for building things that are staying outdoors. It’s light, cheap and resistant to weathering.



  1. Create a frame for the kennel to sit on.

Your kennel needs to be lifted off the ground to avoid becoming too wet, which can cause the wood to rot. Lifting the base off the ground also allows for better air circulation, which is better for the kennels furry inhabitant.


  1. Cut and nail the walls.

Cut your four walls to length. Cut out a hole for the front; this will be the access point for your dog (the doorway to the kennel). The walls should sit up off the ground, too, to avoid absorbing moisture.



  1. Attach the apex.

Mark and cut a right angle triangle from a sheet of plywood that runs the length of the top of the roof. You will need two of these, which can then be nailed on with an extra piece of wood.


  1. Install the roof.

Finish the roof by nailing two sheet of plywood onto the apex. Remember to leave and overhang to avoid weather coming in too much. Once you have the roof, in place, you can then attach corrugated iron to make the kennel a little more robust. If you do go with a metal roof, make sure that the edges are rounded so they don’t cut your dog.


Extra tip: To avoid leaks and lessen the change of your dog getting fleas, fill all the gaps with silicon.