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31 August 2015

Home Security Systems: What To Know

Home security is important. Every family’s highest priority is the safety of themselves and their children, so a good security system is a worthwhile investment. A lot of us are happy to lock our doors and leave it at that. But without a proper system to deter intruders, you can be susceptible to break ins, robbery and worse. For many homes, securing entry points and windows is all that is necessary to keep your home safe. For others, you’ll need more advanced techniques. Whatever the case, it’s worth spending some time coming to understand the different options that are available and the recent advancements of the technology in this area.


Pet-Immune Motion Sensors.

Regular motion detectors can be triggered by your pets, causing a false alarm. This can be inconvenient, but can also be costly if you have your security system set up to some kind of external response like emergency services. Pet immune motion sensors take an infrared heat reading and analyse the signal in order to ignore signals caused by small animals.


Keyless Entry for your Home.

We’re starting to get used to keyless entry for our cars, but what about our homes? You can have lock systems installed that allow you to open your home with your smartphone. This is more effective than metal keys and is also more convenient.


Simple Security Sensors.

A lot of people expect home security systems to be complex, requiring multiple sensors, cameras and ugly components that have to sit in the corner of your home. But recent advancements in computing technology have made sensors more complete and less obtrusive than even before. Small sensors are available that monitor air particles, temperature, movement and noise. They then use computer algorithms to analyse the information being collected by sensors to make intelligent decisions. For example, a high-pitched noise followed by a drop in temperature will be interpreted as a broken window.


Gun detecting Sensors.

This is not such a big one for Australia homes, but it’s interesting technology. Rather than simple motion detection, you are able to install security systems that detect the presence of weapons and can trigger a protective alarm.


Roving Robots.

Have you ever wanted a tiny little security guard to wander around your house, investigating suspicious activity? Roving home security systems are now widely available. They operate like a wall mounted motion detector. But they move around your home, going in and out of rooms.


Many homes require simple security measures. However, if you’re living in a built-up suburb or urban area, you need to consider installing a proper security system. The safety of your family is not something to risk. Call a security installer today on 13TASK.